JeepsNeeds SAM-2 for Hi-Lift Jack

JeepsNeeds SAM-2 for Hi-Lift Jack

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[For Off-Road Use Only]


The JeepsNeeds SAM-2 has finally arrived!  Meet the little brother to the wildly popular DLA

You asked for a simpler and more cost effective way to safely and securely attach your Hi-Lift ® jack to your off-road bumper and we are proud to offer a solution!  The SAM is a no frills yet highly capable accessory that adapts your Hi-Lift ® jack to mount directly to your D-ring shackle mounting tab. Unlike it's bigger brother, there is no need to use a shackle to connect the jack to the bumper. Just secure it directly to the shackle mounting tab using the included clevis pin.  

Need to know more?  Watch the video below for a complete overview and demonstration of the product. Also, check out the flagship offering in the Hi-Lift ® accessory space: The D-Lift Adaptor

The SAM comes in yellow.  Sorry, no discounts are available for this product so we can keep the cost as low as possible for you!

 SAM (Patent Pending).