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Introducing the JeepNeeds D-Lift Adaptor (DLA), the safer way to jack up your vehicle! Utilizing the D-rings on your aftermarket bumper as the lift point, the JeepsNeeds DLA is designed specifically for the D rings to slide into the adaptor and lock into place via a captured hook. The  2" diameter grooved polycarbonate top piece provides the operator the additional flexibility in securing the Hi-Lift® jack on to the tubular rock rails, tubular bumpers and any flat surfaces under vehicle as lift points.

The JeepsNeeds D-Lift Adaptor is constructed out of laser cut 3/16"cold rolled steel, bent into shape as a one piece design for maximum strength and rigidity, power coated in bright yellow (among other colors), and MADE IN THE U.S.A.


Please read before purchasing the DLA regarding Hi-Lift® jacks.
Test Result on Hi-Lift® jack accessory

There appears to be casting defects (pitched to one side) on the tongue piece of the Hi-Lift® jacks. One side of the tongue is higher than the opposing side, preventing the DLA from correctly saddling on to the Hi-Lift® jack, thus preventing the correct alinement of the locking pin hole. 

There are 2 solutions to this issue:

1) Using a die grinder or a round file, enlarge the locking pin hole, on the smaller side of the tear drop shaped hole on the Hi-Lift® jack. Trial fit as you go, do not over enlarge the smaller side of the tear drop hole. Grinding the top of the Hi-Lift® Jack is required on some cases where the casting defect are extreme.

2) If your Hi-Lift® jack is a new one, reach out to Hi-Lift® jack company and kindly inform them of the casting defect, they were good about sending out a new one.